May 2014 Message

May 17, 2014

This message from the Akashic Records is in response to a question that arose to the message from February. I hope you enjoy!

Question I received: When they say become part of the field of potential – what does that mean? How can we do that is there more than one way?

In response to the question that we received of how to become part of the field of potential we would like to express that you are already a part of the field of potential, the awareness that all of you already are is what is lacking. It is impatiens, frustration, anger and the lack of worth that so often stands in the way that gives the impression you have to work hard to achieve a flow and to maintain this flow. Work is involved but not hard work. Our previous message asked for all of you to close your eyes and visualize the roaring fire of dreams…..yes this is a meditative state and is one all of you can enter. We wonder how many of you since the last message have entered into this realm at least once. For those of you who believe “well that is only my imagination taking place” we would like to say that this would be correct, you have to start some where but we would also like to say that this is only the starting point and if you relax into it than this meditative state will take a life of its own where you, the ego, will no longer be taking charge and guiding the images you see within you but your soul will take over and it will be like watching a film in utter wonderment.
This is a place you can enter any time of every day.
For some of you gazing into a crystal and loosing yourself there is another way to enter into the field of potential, of your own potential. Your favorite stone, your favorite crystal make it a part of you, love it, play with it, stroke it let it fill itself with your essence so that it may fill you with its essence. The only exchange that is happening here is love for one another. Those of you who work with crystals understand this message, those of you who look at rocks only as rocks or aren’t sure how to connect with them…hold them, stroke them and gaze into them let them speak to you.
How else do we enter into the field of potential by not focusing on the negative. Be aware of them in your surrounding area, whether this is at work or home or neighborhood or clubs or school you may belong to. You need to be aware of them because ultimately we always have to work with them as they certainly will not just swoop around you and find a different target but we do not have to focus on them we do not need to take them into our heart and attach ourselves to them and make them a part of the self!! Focus instead on the positive, on the silver lining that is weaved through absolutely everything that you touch, see, smell and hear. All ugliness has beauty within it. Bring this forward into your life, practice this and you will see that your soul will sing and that you are already riding the rainbow colored wave that represents the field of your potential. It is not about how do I enter this area of my life it is about becoming aware that your actions in different ways is keeping you from realizing that you are already there.

And than we have the biggest obstacle of all the “Am I worthy”….and we say yes you are. Take a chance and discover this for yourself. We can say with a 100% certainty that lack of worthiness is always created through life circumstances and events that have taken place that the mind will latch onto and repeat over and over again until you actually believe it. Notice it is always an outside source that will give you the impression of being not worthy never ever will you hear this from your own heart. Do not confuse your emotions or feeling with the heart. The heart is pure and the heart only knows one language and that is unconditional love. Not one of you lacks the ability to love from the heart or to experience the grace of unconditional love that is within you because you where created out of love, the entire world rests on the foundation of unlimited potential all fueled by grace and love. You are not separate from this but your mind will tell you that you are.
If you are a person who needs positive phrases that help you to remain in a higher state than use them. Post them everywhere.
Your world is your playground there are so many different avenues and tools and ways to keep your focus in a direction that guides you in the directions of your inner dreams. Do not neglect them but use them what ever works for you is the language that you understand best. Allow yourself to give yourself the permission to dream, give yourself permission that happiness is a part of you and that this simply needs to be nourished to help transform your life.

Most of all and we stress this, your starting point is to embrace and appreciate your life as it is right now! Only from this stand point can real change take place. Do not compare yourself to others, do not believe that others have it better or are happier and most of all do not fall for the idea that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence…..because it is not!! Those looking over from the other side of the fence in your direction actually think that your side looks greener. Illusions exist everywhere.

The field of your own magical potential starts within you this is the place to connect with and tap into and once this takes place and you firmly root yourself inside of yourself this is what than will reflect outwards and the stream of energetic dreams and potentials will flow from you into the world allowing you to now create your life differently or enhance what you already love within your life.
The entire world is a reflection of humanities field of potential and in the world you will find great positive potential and you will find great negative potential. The world exists with all its intricacies due to the thoughts that are projected into the world. Your world on a smaller scale is not different. Your own thoughts are projected outwards onto your life. If you do not like what you see than change your thinking. Your change of thinking will change your actions and the change of your actions will change the actions that will be reciprocated. And those places where you have no power to create change….well your own inner changes, your own connection of your inner weaving of dreams will allow you to move through those areas with an ease and a sense of peace. Why because the power of dreaming, the power of change, the power of thinking, the power of love, the power of being has and always will reside within you. When you understand this and understand the depth of truth of this than you will find that lack of worthiness or anger or sorrow or frustration have no real hold on you but are a smoke wall giving you the impression that you have to go outwards to find happiness. You are the answer, you are the change, you are the dream!
Now let us all gather around the roaring fire of potential to weave the most amazing dreams……..

With great Love for you,
The Lords of the Akashic Records.


February 2014 Akashic Message

February 11, 2014

Close your eyes and see yourself gathering around the roaring fire of dreams. Feel the warmth that is the fuel of igniting and creating your dreams. Breathe in this warmth; breathe in the flow of creative essence. Sparkling and swirling through out your body, taking on a life of its own.  Rainbow colors shining and sparkling brightly through your entire being, weaving through every limb, muscle and cell you have. Igniting your own creative juices to dream and create again. Experience the liveliness and awakening within you. Hibernation almost at an end. From your heart the sparkling rainbows are spiraling and stretching outwards creating changes that the heart desires to fulfill. Magical images within bubbles begin to float in front of you. Images of longings, goals, and dreams that have been put to rest some time ago. Among these magical bubbles are also dreams, new dreams you may not have dared to dream into existence. Watch them float and dance in front of your eyes. They are an expression of you, your inner world. Dance among your dreams and become one with them. See yourself weaving through each magical scene you have created from the roaring warmth of the fire that ignites and creates dreams.  Allow yourself to dream, to weave, to express and to create. Let it flow; allow them to grow beyond your imagination. Allow yourself to discover the creative potential within you that you have not tapped into fully because of responsibilities and duties and the routine of life. This place, these dreams are your world. A world with no beginning and no end. Visit here often so that it may become a part of your life. Like a Master pick up your paintbrush and create beautiful strokes of colors and images and worlds.

Here you will find no limitations, no boundaries and no restrictions to your own essence and creativity. Here you will discover the untapped potential of expression that will than weave its way into your life creating more realms of color and possibilities. Let no one tell you….”you can’t”….the more you dream the more the universe will dream with you. Go beyond what you believe is realistic. Do not create boundaries here, nor try to create restrictions on yourself. This place is boundless, this place is the place where it is your soul creating and weaving and imagining and bringing entire masterpieces to life. Your hand maybe holding the brush but let the essences of your soul guide your hand so that the strokes of your creations can bloom beyond the minds imagination.

This is a year of many extreme potentials for change. Fast paced and swift. For some of you it may be a year where it will take your breath away because the speed of possibilities and potentials may come and go at a rapid pace where you may feel you cannot keep up. For some of you the energy this year will be right in line with your own energy and it will be like riding a wave where you feel you are in your groove, in alignment with the universe but not necessarily in charge.

Regardless of where you stand and how you may feel throughout this year, enter and gather around the roaring fire of dreams and breath in the warmth so that you may allow this energy that is a part of you to enter you and create beautiful colors and images and worlds that will become a real part of you in this earth realm and you will carry this into your life so that the universe can dream with you and create all that you need to allow this to become part of the field of potential that will bear fruit in your life. May you all dance your dance into the fabric of life.


With love for all of you,

The Lords of the creative realm in the Akasha


January 2014 Message

January 16, 2014

Greetings Friends,

A new year, new determinations, new ideas, new goals. A New Year often time feels like a fresh beginning and in many ways it is, even though the old certainly follows us into the New Year. Make your outlook one that just screams of wanting to experience greater heights and achievements in your personal and spiritual life. After all they are not separate, they are one and the same. None of you have a button that says push here for “spirituality/higher self” or a button that says “Work persona” or “Mom personality” or “Dad character” or “Jokester” or “Fun mode” etc. You are one person with many different facets but underlying these different characteristics is the pure you, the fine essence of your soul that rides the wave of what your ego believes it needs to be in charge of. So this year we invite you to be deeper in touch with this very pure and fine essence and bringing this more to the foreground. Some of you may say but I am in touch with my higher self or soul…..and we would agree some of you are….but ask yourself are you always allowing this higher self to determine the path of your daily life or do you sometimes bench it because in the mind you feel you may know better or because you are still working on figuring out what comes from the heart and what comes more from the mind. And we whole-heartedly admit this is a process that takes time to trust in the heart, to trust in the heart that is connected to the heartbeat of the universe. To trust that the Universes/Gods/Goddesses/Sources heart is beating in union with yours and that you are in a safe place no matter what your surroundings are and that when you feel your equilibrium failing it isn’t because suddenly the universes heart beat changed its pace or left you to your own devices but because the mind set in, oh boy when the mind sets in it will create walls, and locked doors with chains that have many different locks and signs that say “Beware – uncharted territory – not to be trusted – no trespassing” written in huge bold red glowing letters. The heart is uncharted territory for many of you and why is this? Inside of you the universal laws are stored, energetically, physically and in the spiritual body or soul body and through all of your experiences from lifetime to lifetime the world molds you, the families over lifetimes effected you, experiences mark you and these experiences have you turn to the mind, in essence the ego, and it takes charge, the mind the ego becomes very polished and nourished and even coveted at times and so the ego believes it is in charge dismissing those very universal laws that guide you from the heart….and when the time comes, and it always does, you feel dissatisfied, even bored with life this is the time to return to listening to the inner heart beat that has been waiting for your return all along. This is when the real work begins, where you discover there is a tug of war at hand within you. The mind vs. the heart. 2014 energetically offers you rapid growth if you so wish to. This will be a year where it will seem like everything is just flying by and it will be hard to keep up. Those will be the times when your mind, the ego will set in and ask “is this even worth it?” or express “what have I done to deserve this?” or cry out “I can’t, I will not do this”….oh the fickle mind will do all in it’s power to trip you up. These are the times to remind yourself….does my mind make sure my heart pumps? No it does not! Does my mind make sure I breathe in and out on going hour to hour, minute to minute? No it does not! I am more than just my mind.
So let us start here and simply give thanks to the breath we receive as a gift so that we may experience life and transcend beyond what the plain eye shows us. This year is about rapid growth but firmly rooted in the foundation of gratitude. Close your eyes and search for your heart, feel it pumping (place your hand on your chest if you need to feel the heart), take a moment and breath gratitude into your heart, take several of these gratitude breaths and gift them to your pumping heart. Continue to keep your eyes closed, feel, see, experience, what ever works best for you, the light, the bright light within your heart, allow yourself to feel this light how it is pumping your heart. Your heart isn’t just pumping because it is a biological phenomenon explained by biologists, it pumps and beats because there is a loving force pumping and beating within you. With your eyes closed see how this light is in a rhythmic fashion pumping your heart. Stay here for a while. Allow your gratitude and love to grow towards this light that is ever present and eternal. Observe and experience the heart beat of your internal light force pumping your heart, observe and experience your internal, ever lasting light force of love carrying the breath in and out of your body. Here too allow your love and gratitude to grow for your internal everlasting light force. Simply breath in what you are experiencing. Become one with it.
Now take this knowledge, this knowing into your daily life, see this light beating beneath all things you are seeing and experiencing.

With our everlasting Love and Gratitude for you,
The Lords of the Akashic Records.


November Message 2013

November 12, 2013

 Greetings to all our Loved Ones,


In the beginning was the Word. This is a rather intriguing concept most rarely thought about. What does it exactly mean that in the beginning was the word? What is a word? A word is made out of letters and each letter has its own vibration. Place the letters together and the word now has its own vibration made out of the vibration of the letters. Words affect us. For each one of you a particular word has a different meaning or emotion behind it based on your experiences. Words such as love will bring up different images for each and every one of you. It may bring up a love for a brother or sister or parent, husband or wife, it may bring up an emotion of love for your pet, for some a vacation may enter the mind that they absolutely enjoyed and loved. For others the personal emotion behind the word love may be of sadness, of a loss, a wishful thinking or a sense of emptiness. Having missed out on a great love affair in the past.

Words are powerful and while they already have a vibration that has to do with God manifesting all things into being, you yourself fill each word you encounter with emotions based on your past experiences from this life and past lives. So if there is a word that triggers you ask yourself “What is this really all about?” There are also words that make you feel really good here too do not just take it at face value ask yourself “What is this all about?” This falls in line with the concept of the old wisdom of “Know thyself!” To know oneself is to shine the light in those places you may have hidden away into the shadow out of embarrassment, anger, sadness or fear.

It would appear that winter has arrived and this is a time of hibernating for many animals but also human beings. In the past before technology arrived and there was darkness at night instead of the 24 hour day availability that man has created, human beings also went into a type of hibernation. Today of course life is different and you have jobs that can be done 24 hours a day, stores are open 24 hours a day, the world at night is never truly dark and you call this light pollution where the earth and nature in many areas no longer have total darkness for their healthy growth. Make it a point everyday in these coming winter months to take some time in the evenings to reflect inwards. Shut everything off in your mind of what you believe needs to still be done. Throw out the phrase “If there where just more hours in the day!” Take time out to reconnect with your roots of silence and inner reflection but also relaxation. What vibration does the word “relaxation” bring up for you? Wishful thinking? Than create the relaxation. We always like to suggest to light a candle during those moments of sacredness. Going inwards being silent and allowing the time you have dedicated to yourself is sacred. Allowing yourself to take time out everyday allows you to start walking though life with more awareness. You will discover that the words you use and hear is what is really creating your reality. Many words of course have no meaning or emotion behind them but they do string your sentences together that when spoken to someone or spoken to you create a sensation that has you or the recipient of your words and sentences reacting. This is how you create your environment. However as your awareness increases the words you choose change, the tone you use changes and while the message may be the same your awareness by recreating a different perspective within you is recreating your environment around you. All because you are expressing your words differently. No longer look at the creating aspect as how can I have that new couch or have enough money to pay my bills. Look inwards discover yourself in a deeper place and find that place that allows you to connect to the universal love that has always been present within you wanting to guide you and love you. TRUST that you are not disconnected even if it feels like it quite often. Know not just from the mind that you are one with this universal love, know this from the heart and see your life transform. This will happen with dedicating yourself daily to a little bit of time to be in silence with yourself allowing for your inner world to rise. No fears here it is not dark and musty and full of cobwebs. It is you looking to rise and shine. Like words that are vibrating a different frequencies so is silence. Silence also has its own vibration, a language all of its own. Allow yourself to experience this beautiful place full of creativity that resides within you looking to come forward.


We invite you to take these winter months to learn to hibernate daily just for a while so that you may become the change you wish to see.


With all of our Love to you,

The Akashic Record Keepers


May 2013 Message

May 8, 2013

Greetings Dear Ones,

We want to share a short message today of love. Over the last few months we have seen the reoccurring theme of many of you wanting to help other people. Feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled believing you are not living up to your desires or life’s purpose. The trend we are noticing is that so many of you want to help other, heal others. Our purpose today is not to state that to help others you need to first help yourself many of you are well aware of this. And many of you are working and healing and making sure you are there for the self in the kindest and most loving way. No we are here today to express that so many of you are underestimating the power of a smile, a helping hand, a kind word or kind action. The reaching out to others with a kind heart with what ever action presents itself is like gold to the divine universe. Not one person on your planet is not a child of the most high divine. Not one person on your planet is not worth receiving a smile, or a kind word or just the warmth of a heart felt smile, word or action. There are no exceptions with any human being. Do not underestimate the power of love of simple acceptance of others. It is so often missed by those who want to fulfill great deeds. So often it is the small actions that have the greatest influence and have helped create change on a large scale. Passing on heart felt love for someone who is in need of it and may not even know they are in need….all we can say is as we have said before….love is never wasted and finds the cracks to enter so that the power of healing and joy can take place. This does not happen by your will or your desire or your control but by the intelligence of love itself.

In return for believing in such simple actions, for trusting that such simple actions can have great impacts, by just doing and being there for others you yourself receive the love from the divine. Do you not feel happy yourself when you have done something for another? Is this not worth noting to yourself that there is instant gratification and love returned to you? If you believe that the small actions are not worth going out of your way for than you are robbing yourself of the love the universe showers upon you.

We ask you to pursue your goals but daily take a moment to be simply there for some one else who may be in need of your warm loving smile.

We shower you all with love and gratitude for being.

With great Love,

The Lords of the Record Keepers.


A message for December

December 15, 2012

Greetings our dear beloved friends,

In your world this month festivities are under way. Many of you have different reasons for sharing with one another during this time.
Our message is not a long one, but one of love and hope.
December can also be a month of sadness for those who have lost loved ones this year and past. The news is marked with a grave tragedy of the recent school shooting that seems to make no sense to many of you.

This is a time to reach deep into the heart and not only shower your loved ones with love, hope, warmth and a sense of cheer. Reach deeper and embrace all of what is in your world. Take every day a moment to extend your love to all that is. Even those things you do not agree with or understand. It is always easier to embrace those that you love and already cherish in your life but it can be a monumental task to embrace that what goes against your grain, what appears utterly wrong and or misguided. We would like to remind you that nothing is outside of the realm of the divine. There are those who are misguided, steeped in their own misery and yes even hate, but all of this derives out of pain of loneliness and a sense of loss.

Place your prayers and well wish wishes with a dash of love of the divine and allow it to spread beyond you into the realm of the unknown, know that love will always find the cracks to begin a healing. Love finds the crevices so that it may go to work in wonderers ways. Light a candle daily for the world and see how from your heart the divine love that is within you is rippling outwards to those in need. Take a moment of silence and breath into your heart and on your outwards breath see the ripples of golden divine light of love traveling across the globe finding where it is needed most. Close your eyes and hug this world of yours with all its inhabitants and see it shining from every corner. Bring in your angels, your guides to help you amplify what it is you want to share with this world. And please place yourself into the world as well. Do not just be the doer but also become the receiver. Whatever tools you require, whatever methods you prefer, allow them to help you to spread the love that is needed in this world. Let your imagination have no bounds and create perfect worlds within your being and send them forth so that others may find the love to create their own dreams of happiness that can allow them to find their own divinity within the cosmos of love.

Love, beauty, hope, happiness, kindness can only become stronger in your world because each one of you chooses to act on the song of love within your heart. Hear it, feel it, spread it. Be love.
We see you, we hear you and we are always with you.

With divine love for all of you,
The Lords of the Akashic Records


Message for June

June 17, 2012


I received a great question in regards to ego and how it might get in the way of readings or in life generally and to expand a bit on this subject.

ME: Could you please elaborate more on the subject of our individual egos and what its purpose is?

AR: First off we would like to express that the ego is an essential part of who you are. It does serve a higher function in ones drive for enlightenment. Often it is spoken of that the ego needs to be shed or destroyed for you to become peaceful, full of love and gain the full experience of the oneness, as that is all there is. It is the ego that carry’s you towards this goal. It may seem like the ego is a hindrance, always standing in your way of moving forward or to newer goals. Ego is not just a survivor mechanism in you. Yes the ego certainly is all about surviving not just surviving the elements, economic crashes, emotional turbulence, the ego wants to survive and remain because of it’s attachments to it’s accumulated identity. We say accumulated identity because we are coming from the perspective that you have lived for thousands of years, lifetime to lifetime. Just think how many identities your ego has experienced. Coveted them and polished them into perfection. And let us give credit where credit is due. If you think of the cave mans time, or the times in history that where dark such as the Middle Ages, WWI or WWII, or how about the adventures of man discovering fire, venturing out in wooden ships to cross oceans to discover new life, or how about the pursuit of space, would any of this have been accomplished without an ego? No it would not. The ego’s drive is to move ever forward, findings it’s place in the vast Universe. It may have first seen the earth as the vast universe but look how far you have come and now it is searching for it’s place in the universe, the cosmos. No small task.
To a certain point the ego is your friend, your force to seek out answers, to question all. But the ego can also keep you blind to your own truth, your own light and your own inner power. And why is this? Because you become attached to things, labels and experiences. Ego requires attachments so that it knows it exists and while it relishes these attachments and has a sense of “I” it helps disguise your true “I”. You all have a small “I” and a big “I”. The small “I” is all about your personal life, how you handle things, what you encounter daily, your attachments to out comes, hopes, dreams, tragedies etc. And the small “I”, the earthly “I” feels separated from the whole, this is why you are so driven to understand and find your place. The small “I” the ego, the identity of being Ben, Mary, Kendra or Tom fears the liquidation of the self, fears the loss of being. But “being” is what your lives are all about. To become, to be.
There is a process of coming to recognize ones own egos, ones fears and attachments and you are all fulfilling this process even if you are not aware of it. You cannot help but go through this transition and yes it takes lifetimes and sometimes the going is slower while other times the going seems like the speed of light.
To understand your ego better start to observe yourself. Ask yourself questions such as:
Why does this disturb me?
Why do I get angry when…..happens?
What is my sadness about?
How come certain people can really get under my skin?

If your answers are always about the other person or situation and places blame than you know that looking inside of you for the answer is a scary place to be. However if you discover the reasons and work with them than you are actually working with your ego and it can’t help but become smaller. Simply asking yourself the questions is the first big step of working with the self.

Another great way to discover how your ego may be holding you back is when life (or clients for readers) keeps bringing you the same issues. Ask yourself how are you standing in the way that keeps attracting the same issues in your life. We have said it many times before in a lot of ways the world around you is your mirror. And the world serves you both, the good and the bad….but it is a mirror of who you are, it is a helping hand to shatter those self induced perceptions of self.

When giving advice or if you are at service for others your drive is to want to help, here is a situation where the ego can over extend itself and truly believe it knows what is best for others and often times that person who is giving a helping hand gets in a rut and becomes forceful (with good intent) and the other person pulls back or feels deeply offended….this is truly where ego has taken over and the voice of the heart is no longer being heard. This is a great guideline for self-awareness and transmutations. Give and learn to let go of the outcome for the other person. Know that you are spreading seeds and that the other person is responsible for watering those seeds. You do not need to see the results, nor do any of you need to ever say, “Told you so”. What might that accomplish other than the recipient feeling lack of worth? To understand you need to know you have absolutely no true power over another human being, it may appear in this life that one does and when one looks at the events across your globe that power over others seems very real, but it is not. You can never water some one seeds, you can help tend them, but never make them grow. The individuals will need to do this for themselves and we would want it no other way. Each and every one of you is to discover their inner light, to capture it and allow it to shine, each and every one of you is to carry your own karma, if you could take this away from another person or believe you can make someone else shine you would be taking something of great value away from the other. And so the universal law is very clear each one of you is walking your path to fulfillment. Guiding one another, being a helping hand, even standing in the way of others or self, but it is all serving you individually on your path of enlightenment.

Do not condemn your ego, it helped bring you this far, work with your ego, know that its pursuit in life is to want to understand more, ego is your drive to actually dissolving your ego. The task becomes easier when you stop fighting yourself and start working with yourself.

You have a phrase in your world….you are like an onion peeling away the layers. We applaud you all for you’re on going efforts to want to understand yourself better, to shine and grow and be bright.

Please know you are timeless being who have all the time in the cosmos to accomplish your goals and dreams.

With great love,

Record Keepers


Akashic Records Message – May

May 15, 2012

ME: I am experiencing extremely huge changes in my life and I must admit I am not sure at all what the out come will be. So it has taken me some time and effort to access the records and ask for a message I may share with all of you. But here it is, there was a little bit of a light at the end of my tunnel that gave the right momentum to inquire. 🙂

AR: Energetically your world is shifting. It does not matter if you live in the US, Sweden, South America, Africa or anywhere else. This is for certain a global event that is taking place. In your history energies are always shifting and moving and creating in combination with the human population that resides at any given time on your earth. As we said before the shifts also take place in the animal kingdom as well as the entire kingdom of vegetation. There is nothing exempt. As energies shift around you, you yourself are shifting and giving back to these energies that are moving ever forward. See it as a glove fitting perfectly onto your hand. All energies are tied into one another and are intelligent their purposes differ however the destination is the same. This is truly a time of acceleration. Not all times in your known history is about a fast paced acceleration towards a new destination. In the past energies where always moving and working and forming and creating as well but at a slower pace working up to reach this particular time period. The amount of population also matters within your earth realm that determines the speed of the changes that are to take place, which of course tends to line up with the heavens and it’s influences on you. Remember just as the moon has an influence on you so do you have an influence on the moon, the sun and stars. So when you put a prayer out there for the earth and her well being be sure to include the moon, the sun and stars. There is nothing that is not directly connected to the creation of man.
The problem that arises with such fast paced energies that are creating new worlds in the micro and macro world is that you who reside in the material realm experience them at a higher intensity or frequency due to the density in the Terra world. All things in the material realm are slower, this may not always seem so, but compared to what is happening in the above spirit dimensions there is a much slower speed taking place in your world. But we can also say that right now that the energy is moving like the speed of lightning within you and around you compared to your known history. During the Atlantian times there too where times when things shifted and moved at this rate of speed and faster. How this affects each one of you is different and depends on the state of your mind and heart. Your “egos” have the hardest time keeping up. For the ego this means change and ego doesn’t tend to care for change too often. The ego is convinced it means you are giving up on certain aspects of your identity and the ego will fight you all the way. The part of you that recognizes truth and wants to evolve right along with the times is strong in you as well, and is persistent and diligent and works with the ego through love. And so you too can work with the ego. We have expressed to some of you to just simple speak to your ego and let it know to come along on the ride. That it does not need to sit in the back of the bus but can sit right next to you as an observer while you are learning and creating…becoming.
The pearl that is being born is you, and collectively all of you are giving birth to a new pearl that effects the entire earth population. We encounter so often how many of you want to give and give and give and feel you should be serving a greater purpose, we would like to express again you can serve no greater purpose than your own evolution, creating yourself to be whole and well and happy. Out of this personal transition is created the greater purpose so many of you feel that transforms you into the person that can give with love. You are all part of the collective and the living matrix is the place that when you learn to love yourself…..how shall we say….the living matrix absorbs this love and passes this on to the rest of the collective. When you give and serve here too the living matrix feels and absorbs what you are giving and passes this love on as well. And so you understand the living matrix is tied into all living beings….even into what you believe may not be alive. The living matrix pulses with light energy, always moving and feeding love where it is needed most. This living matrix is of a high intelligence and is always working and weaving new worlds into being. Your personal world and the world you live on is only one place of millions and millions of worlds connected and lovingly caressed by the collective creative divine love within the pulsing matrix helping all to expand and to reach it their highest fulfillment.
The pearl that is being born is in an environment that seems separate and isolated from the outside world while it is still within the oyster. Within this oyster the world is dark, moist and would appear to not be able to create a life…a pearl. But in this place in the very beginning while a sand grain may feel uncomfortable and have no visible light it discovers the one truth that allows for a metamorphism to take place….the inner light. The inner divine light that connects all living forms. The sand grain discovers its own inner divine life and the transformation begins to become all that it can become…a pearl. Each and every one of you is no different. Discover your own inner divine light, allow this too guide you to the fulfillment you seek in life so that you too continue to achieve even greater heights.

Within this month of May there are a lot of changes taking place. It is a time of birth, rebirth and death. Many of you are shedding old beliefs, getting rid of old ways, feeling a sense of sadness and possible even a bit lost. For those of you who are taking this road, who have decided to catch the wave of transformation, allow yourself to feel the sadness, allow yourself to feel the grieving process of shedding an “old way” that has served for so many years. It truly is a wave of change that is taking place. As deep as some of you are experiencing the sadness know that you will also be feeling the height of joy and freedom. Nothing in May will appear to be too steady, but know that the energies within this month are also allowing for periods of rest.

Your metamorphosis is taking place now!! The oyster is about to open.

We would like to also address some of you who are carrying other people’s pain, who are carrying the pain of the globe at this moment. This pain too is all about giving birth and for those of you who are aware of being empathetically connected to the collective pain we give thanks to you for taking on such a great burden. You too should know that this amplified sense of sadness, pain and joy will not last forever and that none of you have taken on more than you can carry or handle. We know it may appear that, you have taken on more than you think you can handle….trust us when we say you have not, you are being divinely guided. We would ask you to please be gentle with yourself during this time of your own inner changes and the worlds.

We see you all and feel great love for the courage you are showing today.

With Love,
The Record Keepers


A Message from the Akashic Records – April 2012

April 13, 2012

As you know, you are all living in a time of great change. Energetic shifts are taking place all over the world. Many movements for change have been created and many more are being established. The tides are changing and now more than ever each one of you should know that your own personal advances are just as important as any type of group or movement that has been formed to work for change and the elevation of awareness. Your world is global. Your technologies have created windows to other ways of life, to events taking place across the span of the globe. The world is your oyster and a pearl is being born. All the effort, the work, the dedication you have shown to yourself and those around you is paying off in so many ways. You should know that you alone can make a tremendous impact in your own unique way. Never feel like you are a lone voice in the dark not being heard. All of you, being human is the thread that connects you on the physical plane, your soul is the unseen thread that connects you all to one another in the spiritual plane and the human collective consciousness is the super highway where faster than the speed of light you are all exchanging and passing on to each other your experiences, your growth, your innovations and unlimited imagination of the potential for things to become. Transitions can be complicated or very uncomfortable but do not let this deter you from feeling the passion and drive to create a world within you that is full of joy, love and peace. You yourself are the micro version of what is taking place globally. Just imagine the progress you yourself have been making how this is being shared between all of you through the collective human consciousness, with what kind of fire this is spreading from city to city, nation to nation, this is what we call raising the bar of unawareness into awareness. It has always started with you. Some of you may say “Oh little me…I can’t possibly make a difference”…we say yes, you can. It starts with self acceptance, self kindness, and ultimately self love and with that deep love comes the knowledge of just how divine you are, how you too, each one of you are part of the unfolding divine process of creation. You are not simply on a ride observing the ever evolving higher consciousness you are part of the creating process. You, each one of you is intricately woven within the living matrix of life that is ever striving forward, wanting to experience, grow, expand, understand and become aware of the self. As you are experiencing yourself, the divine is experiencing itself through you. There is nothing else present but the expressions of the divine creative love force that is saturated within all of the manifested worlds. Nothing exists outside of the essence of the divine. Even your pain, hurt or what some of you term the hurt of the world is part of the divine. This does not mean you cannot create changes after all you are here to create, explore, experience and grow so that you may discover your own unique wings and take flight. Remember you are woven within the living matrix of life. You have courage and power to create the changes needed within so that when your wings unfold all can see and follow your lead.
You are bright, luminous light beings who have heard the call and are using your love and passion for yourself, for others, and for the world to raise and expand the worlds consciousness that will allow for a new world to be born.

We admire your courage and passion to live life, your desire to want to experience life within all its multicolored facets. We want you to know as you are evolving as a race, so is the earth, the mineral world, the animals, the plant world, nothing shall be left behind. All of you are intricately woven to one another. You are not alone in your venture there are many worlds within your world and you all are connected to one another moving together to a greater awareness.

With gratitude and love for you all…..shine brightly.

The Lords of the Akashic Records.


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May 19, 2009

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